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Uh-Oh! Alphabet Game


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Grades K – 1
Type Word Play
Uh-Oh! Alphabet Cards

Reading books is a great way for children to learn letters and their sounds, but variety truly is the spice of life. If you're interested in adding some spice to the ABCs, try the Uh-Oh! Alphabet Game. This pick-a-card game makes practicing the alphabet fun.


How to Use This Printout

More Ideas to Try


How to Use This Printout

  1. Print the Uh-Oh! cards on printable colored card stock or paper. If you’re using paper, glue the paper to card stock and wait for it to dry. Cut out the Uh Oh! cards. Place the cards in a bag.

  2. Take turns drawing out a card. Whoever draws a card must name the letter. If the child is just learning to identify and sound out letters, he or she can then say what sound the letter makes. Children who already know their letters can say the letter, its sound, and a word that starts with that letter. For those who need a special challenge, pick a theme for the words, such as animals, sea life, or bugs.

  3. If the player is correct, he or she keeps the card. If the player draws an Uh-Oh! card, he or she must put all of the letter cards back in the bag; that Uh Oh! card can be put aside and out of play.

  4. Continue playing until all the letter cards are out of the bag. The player with the most cards wins.

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More Ideas to Try

  • Create your own ABC bingo game. Using card stock, make a set of bingo cards with a grid of 16 squares on each (four letters down and four across). Fill in the bingo cards with a letter in each square, making sure each card is different. Write the letters of the alphabet on cardstock and cut them out in squares. Distribute coins or other place markers to all the players. Put the letters in a bag or bowl and call them out one by one. Players who have that letter on their bingo card cover it with a coin/place marker. The first player to cover all the squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins. The winner keeps the coins or gets another small prize.

  • Play an alphabet version of the I-Spy game when you’re stuck in line or in traffic. Take turns picking out an object in your surroundings and saying, “I spy something that begins with the letter [insert the letter your object begins with].” To narrow down the search, the people guessing can ask you yes or no questions about the object. Whoever guesses right gets to pick the next object.

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