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Episode 28 — Get Spooky With Matthew McElligot


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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

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Grades K – 5
Podcast Series Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers
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Duration 8:18
Original Air Date Published October 27, 2010

Music in this podcast is provided by Freeplay Music.


Book Chat

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Book Chat

  • Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Matthew McElligot and Larry TuxBury, G.P. Putnamís Sons, 2010

    Victor Godwin planned out his science fair project perfectly. From past data, he knows exactly what kind of project the judges will award first place to. His science fair plan is right on target until a strange new neighbor moves in next door that looks and dresses an awful lot like Benjamin Franklin. And thatís when Victor Godwinís life takes a spooky and strange turn. Whatís he to do when he finds out that this new neighbor is actually Benjamin Franklin awakened from a 200-year science experiment thatís gone awry? Ben Franklin is hungry for electricity, and Victor is determined to help Ben Franklin find the Modern Prometheans (the group of scientists that helped Franklin imagine this 200-year old suspended animation experiment). In the midst of all this, Victor learns the importance of taking risks in science and that thereís more to experimentation than having the perfect science fair project.
  • The Spooky Book by Steve Patschke; illustrated by Matthew McElligot, Walker & Company, 1999

    Have you ever wondered if youíre in a book and someone is reading about you? Steve Patschke explores this idea in a spooky book that ends with an exciting, page-turning climax. In a dark house, on a stormy night Andrew begins reading a spooky book about a girl named Zo Zo who is also reading a spooky book. As spooky things happen to Zo Zo, the same happens to Andrew. Yes, indeed this book is spooky and will have young readers enthralled to the very (surprising) end!
  • Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligot, Walker & Company, 2010

    Itís a full moon, and a young boy, awakened by Vlad the bat, gathers his things and makes his way to his fatherís barber shop, where once a month the monsters converge for their midnight, full-moon haircuts. Part of the fun of the books is seeing how the young boy manages the haircutting needs of all the monsters. The book rises to its climax when a special guest knocks at the door. Will the monsters be discovered? Check out this spooky book to find out!

Expert Chat

Listen all kids, parents, andÖmonsters? Hear Matthew McElligot tell about his picture book Even Monsters Need Haircuts. McElligot will leave you hanging, and thereís no doubt youíll want to find out how this spooky nighttime adventure ends!

Find out more about Matthew McElligot at his website.