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Episode 48 — Celebrating Grandmothers


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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers

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Grades K – 5
Podcast Series Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers
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Duration 11:33
Original Air Date Published September 03, 2012

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Book Chat

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Book Chat

book coverGrandma Drove the Lobsterboat
Author: Katie Clark
Illustrator: Amy Huntington
Publisher: Down East, 2012

This book is the third in a fun series about a no-nonsense grandma who takes on the unknown in times of need. Too sick to drive the garbage truck (Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck)? No problem! Need someone to drive the snowplow so that everyone can make it to the annual Carol Sing (Grandma Drove the Snowplow)? Don't worry! And in this newest book, Grandma takes on a lobster boat. It's the big Labor Day Lobster Bake, and Grandma's family is in charge of catching the lobsters. When a fog rolls in while out on the water and Grandma's sons are in predicaments of their own, Grandma and her grandson Billy find a way to steer the boat back to the dock so that the Lobster Bake can go on. Kids will laugh at this fearless grandma and relate to her grandson Billy, her reliable sidekick!



book coverGrandma's Gift
Author: Eric Velasquez
Publisher: Walker & Company, 2010



The author shares his memories of a winter break with his grandma in El Barrio. His school assignment over the winter break is to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the new exhibit. His grandma's assignment to him is to help her make her famous holiday pasteles, a traditional Puerto Rican dish. Grandma takes him to the market to buy all of the ingredients, shows him how to make them in her cozy apartment, and then Eric takes Grandma to the museum where they enjoy the paintings together. This story, which is the second picture book that Eric Velasquez has written about his grandma (Grandma's Records), will make you feel the warmth of Grandma's kitchen and wish that you were sharing some pasteles with them while reminiscing and listening to records.



book coverDumpling Days
Author: Grace Lin
Publisher: Little, Brown, 2012




Pacy, the main character and narrator, is the middle of three sisters. Her family, who is Taiwanese-American, decides to visit their extended family in Taiwan for their grandmother's 60th birthday. They are staying for a whole month, and the worst part is that the sisters' parents are making them take classes to learn more about Taiwanese culture. At first all three sisters are tentative about the trip and the classes, but as they learn about and experience life in Taiwan they all find their place and things that they love there. This novel is based on the author's first trip to Taiwan and is the third in a series about Pacy and her family.



book coverOne Big Hug
Author: Shirley Hillard
Publisher: Mamoo House, 2005


Winner of a Mom's Choice Award, this book shares the game that the author played with her own grandson: a conversation about how big love can be. “How much do you love me?” asks the child. “As much as one big hug.” “More.” “As much as two bugs in a rug.” “More.” “As much as 16 bears wearing a yellow coat.” The grandma continues to invent wild scenarios to show how big her love is. The illustrations are intimate, showing a grandma and child sitting together on the porch, and the game is simple, one that any young child can pick up on and make his or her own.



book coverA Path of Stars
Author: Anne Sibley O’Brien
Publisher: Charlesbridge, 2012



Dara, which means “star” in Cambodia, tells the story of her Lok Yeay (loak yay). Lok Yeay is her grandmother, and her grandmother always tells the stories of her childhood in Cambodia: the sweet mangos, the soft warm air, and the stars at night. She also tells of a sad time when there was war and she and her brother fled with their few possessions and Dara’s mother. When the war was over, Lok Yeay came to Maine with her daughter, but her brother, Lok Ta, returned to Cambodia to find missing family. He married and started a new family. Lok Yeay always tells Dara that someday they will return to Cambodia to reunite with her brother, and she will show Dara all of these things that she has always shared stories about. But then the phone call comes that Lok Ta has passed away. This sends Lok Yeay into a deep sadness. Only Dara finds a way to reach her grandmother by telling her stories of Cambodia and promising her grandmother that someday they will visit Cambodia.



Expert Chat

Listen in as Emily and Anne Sibley O'Brien chat about her newest book, A Path of Stars. Anne discusses the sweet relationship that Dara has with her grandmother and shares a little about the history of Cambodia and her newest project, I’m Your Neighbor (www.imyourneighborbooks.org).