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Trading Cards

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Trading Cards

Grades 3 – 8

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ReadWriteThink's Trading Cards app allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, to build study aids for school, or to create their own fictional world of characters.

Create trading cards for any number of categories, including:

  • Fictional person
  • Real person
  • Fictional place
  • Real place
  • Object
  • Event
  • Vocabulary word

Each category has specific guiding questions for creating a dynamic, information-rich trading card. Summarizing skills are critical as they drill down to the most important information to fit on the card. In addition, they become aware of writing for an audience because they can share their cards with others.

Part of the appeal of trading cards is being able to sort them into collections. Have kids and teens build a collection of cards for characters from their favorite book, landmarks in their favorite city, events from a period in history they find interesting, or vocabulary words by school subject.


  • Multi-user card storage
  • Management of users by deleting and restoring within 2 weeks
  • 7 card categories, each with a targeted set of guiding questions that cover key information
  • Ability to add and edit an image from your device's camera or photo library
  • 12 card designs for styling cards
  • Helpful how-to information on each screen
  • Ability to create collections of completed cards
  • Auto-saving of cards as they are created
  • Viewing of finished card for proofreading
  • Ability to save card to photos
  • Ability to print card on a wireless printer
  • Ability to send card by e-mail

Trading Cards is an educational app for all ages that adds creativity and fun to the learning process.  If you have ideas for educational uses for this app in school or at home, please Contact Us.

Privacy: Your trading cards are private unless you decide to share them by e-mail.  ReadWriteThink.org does not store any personal information from this app.


  • ReadWriteThink’s Trading Cards app allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, to build study aids for school, or to create their own fictional world of characters.

  • Splash screen for Trading Cards

  • Create a username to complete, save, and share your trading cards!

  • Type your card topic and choose a card type to get started.

  • Guiding questions help you complete the card about your topic.

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