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What’s Happening This Week

What’s Happening This Week

There is much more to explore in our calendar. Find other important events in literary history, authors' birthdays, and a variety of holidays, each with related lessons and resources.



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Chatting About Books: Recommendations for Young Readers



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August 29

Karen Hesse, author of the Newbery-winning verse novel Out of the Dust, was born in 1952.

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Karen Hesse, author of the Newbery-winning verse novel Out of the Dust, was born in 1952.

Grades 7 – 12
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From an early age, Karen Hesse had an interest in and enjoyed writing. She aspired to become a professional author, in part because of the encouragement of a supportive teacher. She has authored a number of works of historical fiction which bring history alive for young readers. Hesse's writing offers a view of historical topics varying from the depression-era dustbowl to World War II, the Holocaust, and early 20th century issues of racism and bigotry.




Have your students write original short works of historical fiction in verse format, modeling the style Hesse used to write Out of the Dust. Have students read the book and discuss the ways that Hesse incorporates historical detail into her work. Then brainstorm some of the historical topics they have studied in class during the school year. Tell students they will be writing original works using the history they have studied. Have pairs of students do the following:

  • Select a history topic from the brainstorm list for their story.

  • Research the topic, looking for factual details to include in their stories (names, places, and events).

  • Create a Story Map to develop the details of their story.

  • Work as a team to write the story in verse.

When all pairs have finished their stories, display them in your classroom by having students place them in order along an historical timeline.




  • Karen Hesse's Biography

    This Scholastic resource offers an author biography and interview. There is also a link to an annotated booklist.


  • Karen Hesse: Genius at Work

    This page from Librarypoint provides information about Hesse and her work, including brief biographical information and a link to her 1998 Newbery acceptance speech.


  • Out of the Dust Research Project

    Baltimore Public Schools offers this research project based on Out of the Dust. The project is designed to enhance students' reading of the novel by building their understanding of the historical time period in which it is set.



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