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M Terrier


International Literacy Association (ILA)



Midland, TX
Technical Services Clerk

"I enjoyed the ReadWriteThink Letter Generator. I would always include it in my plans as I taught letter writing to
students. I would have them write letters throughout the year, sometimes to each other, to me, to their parents, to the principal. Other times, they wrote to the Mayor of the city, and even authors of books they enjoyed reading!"

M Terrier's Story
A Great Way to Re-introduce Letter Writing

The Letter Generator is an excellent online tool to use that encourages writing and aides the teacher and the student as they learn how to write a Friendly Letter and a Business Letter. In my experience, the students who want a different way to write their first draft really loved being on a computer to write. They would print it out and then continue writing their letter using the writing process. Having taught many different grade levels, I used letter writing differently. Using the Letter Generator was a tool all of the students loved throughout the letter writing process. At upper grades I had students writing to famous authors of their favorite books and some famous people. And many of the students did receive a response from the famous people they wrote. Also had Grade 3 and 4 students writing persuasive letters to the Mayor of the City and to some principals about concerns they had. But the starting point was always using the ReadWriteThink Letter Generator. Using the tool was a great way to encourage students to want to learn how to write a letter and keyboarding as well. The Letter Generator was a computer center as well. Using it as a center and hooking it up to a printer made it easy to determine what students were learning and also aided in maintaining their letter writing skills in a fun way. So, I would recommend the use of the ReadWriteThink Letter Generator to all educators teaching at Grades 3 to 8.



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MT lives in a college town and is employed doing cataloging as a Technical Services Clerk.  MT as been married for many years and enjoys life. MT's favorite things to do include learning more about the computer, including writing programs.